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My New Hair Programme comes to Dundee

When starting my career in hairdressing, amongst other fundamentals I was taught how to sort and cut matted hair to make sure it was going root to tip* before hand tying the hair onto wefts which were then shaped into wigs before cutting and then shaping the wig into a wearable haircut, a very time consuming but very rewarding task.

*Remy hair is hair that has been obatined from a single donor, and all strands are the same length, from the root to the end. All the cuticle will run in the same direction as well. Remy hair differs from virgin hair mainly in that it may be and often is permed or coloured but most importantly retains the cuticle. There is no substitute for 100% authentic Remy hair.

Some time later I bought a business that also supplied wigs, so my interest was again piqued! As that business grew to three salons we wanted to move on into training and developing young hairdressers for our salons. We decided to give the wig business to the two people who had run it so well even before we took it over.

Much later when Maggie's Cancer Care Dundee opened we got fully involved with fundraising. For over ten years my involvement with cancer sufferers and survivors has given me great insight into how they feel and what I have found out during this time while advising and working on the "Maggies" fashion events was that hair is indeed very important to them. The experience is still with me, they are clients and I feel although I can't really fully understand what a cancer survivor/sufferer goes through I can give very practical advice and go through the journey with them.

When I did the "My New Hair" course two years ago I was once again taken by the new approach to wig consultation. Revisiting past ideas can strike gold when viewed through the brand new glasses of experience. Continual personal and professional experience brings me a renewed interest in helping those experiencing hair loss through medical reasons.

My New Hair are in Forte Beauty Clinic, Dundee, to deliver this course and as part of Freedom Hair Experiences continual commitment to producing talented, caring and empathetic hairdressers we are taking in this course.

When l did the course I was totally inspired by a long time hero of mine, Trevor Sorbie, however for me the platinum prize went to the talk by the McMillan Nurses. They spoke to us about how to look beyond the techniques employed to provide the best service in choosing, supplying and cutting wigs and to look at the person and how we can go onto a different level of service and care that is so needed when working in this field.

We have two of our experienced team members participating in this course as part of the ethos of Freedom and continual development in all aspects of hairdressing. All our staff contribute their time to raise funds for cancer charities with forward-thinking momentum, a great generosity of spirit and personal initiative.

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