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Lily's Highlights

Highlights - how young is too young?
When is the right time to start colouring a young girls hair?

From experience, if you don't allow a little leeway then there can be a disaster at your daughters next sleepover and her friends big sister feels inspired and gets a box from the chemist...and an expensive colour correction bill for you!

After Jade's consultation with Mum and Lily the very mild and soft colour effect was achieved, and this colour will grow with no regrowth. If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We always provide a full consultation.

Feedback from Lily's mum:
"Thanks again for Lily's haircut & her first highlights today. She's loving it, hasn't stopped smiling since leaving the salon. She actually text her sister to say getting highlights done are boring but totally worth it!"

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