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The long and short of the fringe

The dictionary definition of a fringe is to decorate (something). In this case, the face, especially the eyes...

Your hairstyle says so much about you - and it's on display every single day. A fringe is your accessory - and introducing a fringe can dramatically change your look, no matter if your hair is long, short, curly or straight.  It's like a curtain, framing your face. 

I notice that Kate Middleton has recently updated her look slightly, with a 'pretend' fringe.

Even if you like your hair long, a fringe is a statement second only to the undercut at the sides or nape.  For me it says the Towies may like long hair but I will be me!

Fringes can be added by hair extensions.  Clip-in fringes can be bought and coloured too - to contrast or match your hair colour. 

A fringe will generally suit any face shape because it can be short, long, blunt, broken, feathered, assymetric, scribbled, chewed, squint, concave, convex  and of course totally symmetrical!

My favourite fringe style is to have a 'shadow fringe' cut in.  A vey fine piece of hair cut just from the outside of each eye in any shape so fine it can be grown out easily or can be cut in further for a more defined fringe.

These images are my current favourite hairstyles with fringes. 

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